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  • Overall winners: Carolyn Miller(Gold Coast), Kevin Steffensen(Gold Coast), Kellie Potts & Nigel McIvor (both Coffs Harbour)<br /> width:578;;height:480
  • Overall 2nd:Jamie McFall, Fran Gaunt, David Shorter & Ben Haagsma (Coffs Harbour) width:640;;height:418
  • Intermediate Section, Winners:Mike Siford, Barbara Herring, Chris Birch & Colin Tolley (Coffs Harbour and Nambucca) width:601;;height:480
  • Intermediate Section, 2nd: the Sinclair team  (Port McQuarie); Chris Sinclair, Yvonne Breakwell, Jill Reid & Ruth Weatherley.NB: the names may not correlate with the order of the people in the photo width:628;;height:480
  • Restricted Section,Winners from Armidale:Kevin Willcocks, Julie Willcocks, Glenda Parmenter& Barbara O'Shea width:617;;height:480
  • Restricted Section,2nd:David McIntyre, Pat Haigh, Berneice Kearney & David Alexander(Coffs Harbour width:640;;height:480
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