Coffs Coast Gold Congress 2018

IMG 0309  Winners of Teams: Bob Sebesfi, Richard Douglas, Roy Nixon,David Weston IMG 0305  2nd Teams: Johnno Newman,Nye Griffiths, Liam Milne, James Coutts IMG 0303  3rd Teams: Annette, Maluish, Andrew Mill, Justin Mill, Marina Darling IMG 0297-2  Winners IMG 0295(1)-2  2nd IMG 0288  1st Intermediate/Restricted Section: Rowan Corbett, Rob Hurst, Liz Shonk, Anita Delorenzo
IMG 0279-2  2nd IMG 0275  3rd ntermediate/Restricted Section: Malcolm Clift, Kathy Clift ( Fran Campbell, Sallie Quarles missing from photo) IMG 0273  1st IMG 0268-2  2nd , 300 Mps: James Parker, Julie Bryant, Nerellyn Mitchell, Warwick Wilkins IMG 0266  3rd IMG 0236(1)  Winners of Pairs: Nye Griffiths, Johnno Newman
IMG 0238  2nd Pairs: Martin Bloom, Tony Nunn with Helen Blewitt IMG 0240-2  3rd in Pairs; Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer IMG 0242-3  1st IMG 0243-2  3rd IMG 0246(1)-2  1st Intermediate/Restricted Pairs: Dimitri Hnaris, Chris Depasquale IMG 0248(1)-3  2nd Intermediate/Restricted Pairs: Meg Sharp, Kathy Palmer
IMG 0250(1)-2  3rd Intermediate/Restricted Pairs: Herold Rienstra , Melissa Weber IMG 0252(1)-2  1st IMG 0255-2  3rd